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Tamagoyaki- Japanese Omelet

Finally! Here we go! Another recipe is here. Tamagoyaki is a Japanese omelet that is super delicious and tasty. In general, this dish can be consumed in the morning for breakfast along side a bowl of rice and some miso soup (which is a great probiotic by the way). I have also seen some Japanese izakyas (bars) serve this as well. In the case of bars, I do think that tamagoyaki goes well with sake or beer.



One of my favorite aspects of this dish is that it is made from a very fine egg mixture. What I mean is that the egg is beaten very well. In some cases, I have also seen people take a sieve and strain the egg mixture to make sure it is extra fine. Unfortunately, when I took the pictures for this recipe, I did not strain the egg, but if you have the time, I would highly recommend doing that.

Another part of this recipe which I really enjoy is the flavor. The combination of mirin, sesame oil, and soy sauce creates a very different flavor than omelets that I am normally used to. The addition of Japanese mayo, sriracha, yakisoba sauce, and bonito contributes to a plethora of dimensions which makes this dish so interesting.

A thing to note is that most recipes for tamagoyaki do not use yakisoba sauce in the dish. However, I thought that the combination of yakisoba sauce and mayo fused together very will and produced a savory and creamy dimension to the egg.

Overall, I hope you try this recipe. It is very different, but if you like trying new things, then this recipe is the way to go.

P.S. I have also seen people add shredded mozzarella cheese and chasu (a melt-in-your-mouth pork that is used in ramen), and these will also add to this delectable dish.

Tamagoyaki-Japanese Omelet Recipe


-3 large eggs

-1 tablespoon of mirin

-1 tablespoon of soy sauce

-1 tsp of sesame oil

-2 tsp of bonito flakes

-Japanese mayonnaise (to taste)

-Sriracha (to taste)

-1 tablespoon Yakisoba sauce (drizzle)

-green onions to garnish


1. Crack eggs into a medium size metal bowl.

2. Whisk egg along with mirin, soy sauce, and sesame oil.

3. Chop green onion and set aside.

4. Heat up a skillet and spray with a nonstick baking/cooking spray.

5. Spread a thin layer of egg and let it bubble up and cook.

6. Once the egg looks semi-cooked (30 seconds), roll up the egg with a spatula.

7. Add another layer of egg, connecting the rolled up egg to the new layer.

8. Once the next layer is semi cooked, roll it into the other layer.

9. Continue the process until you have used all of the egg mixture.

10. Garnish with bonito flakes, mayo, sriracha, yakisoba sauce, and green onions.

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