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Easy Breakfast Sandwich

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been MIA. Life hit me pretty hard, but I am now back in full force. Today, I’m going to demystify the breakfast sandwich.

Let’s talk about a bad breakfast sandwich for a second. Do you recall the ones that are rubbery? Maybe you remember something that was falling apart because the bread would not hold together and you would try to use a spoon instead to eat it? I’ve been there.

The key to making a fantastic breakfast sandwich is the bread. Whatever bread you use (e.g. whole wheat, white bread, rolls, etc.), toast the bread first and separately from everything else. If you want to toast the bread with butter, use at most half a tablespoon for both pieces of bread. Otherwise, you will have soggy, buttery bread which does sound good but is not suitable for our purposes here. Toasting the bread separately ensures that it will be fully “hardened” before you add eggs and veggies.


To address rubbery eggs, I suggest keeping an eye out for them. A big problem I face in the kitchen is multi-tasking. It’s possible but you are more likely to overcook something that way because you are paying attention to something else. Depending on how you want your eggs, the techniques will vary. If you like scrambled eggs, you will need to lower the heat to medium and take it off the heat just as all the liquid is gone. If you wait too long, it will be rubbery.

For sunny side up eggs, if you are using a scratched up nonstick pan like me, add about a tablespoon of oil. This will make your life easier and it will crisp up the edges of the egg. This is because of the hot oil. In order to fully cook the egg without burning the bottom, crack the egg into the hot oil (watch out for oil splatters) and let it solidify and crisp a little on the bottom first. Then, cover it with a lid. Open the lid every 30s to let out heat and to check if the eggs are done. This will cook the tops quite quickly. Remove your eggs and now let’s start on veggies.


For me, I usually like bell peppers in my breakfast sandwich. I’ll chop up some bell pepper (dice) and use the same pan that I cooked the eggs in. Then, I’ll add a little more oil to cook them.

Now assemble everything together. If you like cheese, put it on top of the egg or underneath it. The residual heat from the egg will melt the cheese. And there you have it! The perfect breakfast sandwich! Top it off with any of your favorite condiments and enjoy it with a big mug of coffee.


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